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Friday, May 5, 2017

The Right Side of Wrong

I learned something new while writing The Right Side of Wrong.

It was something that I didn't know about. I've mulled a bit about it, deciding that I really needed to incorporate an element about this in the work.

I wrote a scene where a young man returns to honor the grave of a friend killed in battle. Prior to him departing, he leaves a quarter, eagle side up, on his friend's headstone.

I've oftentimes seen coins being left on graves, and wondered what it all meant. I knew that there was some significance and wanted to understand it. So, like all good writers (not speaking about myself, but my friends who write circles around the likes of me), I did some research.

It turns out that when a coin is left on a grave it signifies something important in association with the person leaving it.

A penny: It's left to honor the service of the deceased. Any person can leave a penny.

A nickel: Left behind to say you trained with the deceased, and you knew him.

A dime: Placed when you fought alongside the deceased person.

A Quarter: Left in honor to indicate you were there when the soldier died.

Not to spoil the story, but, when I go back and read the chapter, "Dress Blues", I bawl like a baby.

Target date for the release of The Right Side of Wrong is sometime next weekend (May 12-14).

The story is a dark one. Parts of it I drafted in the first person, then changed it in editing as I drew out some of my own experiences. The novel includes a legal disclaimer and warning label.

Just as a side note, it was very therapeutic to write this. I am so appreciative of everyone that has supported me in this.